Fictitious Firm Names/DBAs filed during the month of October:

SP Business Insurance Services, Janice Mowery, Oct. 2.

GML Architects & Planners LLC, Terrence J. Melby, Oct. 6.

Verizon Wireless, Karen M. Shipman, Oct. 9.

Anytime Wallet, Christian J. Rudolph, Oct. 10

Kickstand Lending, Christian J. Rudolph, Oct. 10

Images Styling Salon, Laura Knudsen, Oct. 20.

Golden Eagle Ranch, Daniel Blackhorse-Smith, Oct. 24.

Cadillac Financial Leasing, Douglas T. Johnson, Oct. 25.

Markone Financial, MarkOne Holdings, LLC, Oct. 29.

Marriage licenses issued for the month of October:

Joel David Despain and Heather Marree Veerkamptobin, both of Bella Vista, CA, Oct. 3.

James Edward McConnell and Jayme Lee Herline, both of Ely, Oct. 15.

Rosendaldo Rivera, Jr. and Kimberly Dawn Gubler, both of McGill, Oct. 23.

Divorces for the month of October:

Wendy Ann Mello and Chris Earl Mello, Proper Person, Oct. 29.