Mark Dolezal, coach of the White Pine High School girl’s golf team, knows that he needs to get more athletes to come out for golf. This year’s three-person team was plagued by eligibility issues, often leaving just senior Mikalya Dolezal, his daughter, ready to play.

With an increased effort on recruiting during the offseason, coach Dolezal said he expects a better turnout for next year’s team, including several promising recruits from White Pine Middle School.

“There are three eighth graders that are coming from the middle school that look pretty promising. I’m also going to try and recruit some freshmen that I didn’t realize weren’t already involved in sports,” Dolezal said.

Whoever does come out for the team will find themselves completely taking over a program that has no returners from this year’s squad. As for the team’s sole participant in the state championship meet Mikayla Dolezal, her father and coach said that she made big strides in her game, landing her a 13th place finish in the tournament. For him, coaching his daughter was a unique challenge.

“Coaching your own kids, I have always found it to be very difficult. For them to learn the difference between dad talking and coach talking isn’t always clear and it can come off as you criticizing them rather than coaching them,” Dolezal said. “To find that balance of not going too easy on them or not coaching them too hard is tough.