Josh and Don Cates stand in their carpet showroom inside C & C Carpet Center. (Garrett Estrada photo)

Josh and Don Cates stand in their carpet showroom inside C & C Carpet Center. (Garrett Estrada photo)

There is a lot that goes into turning a house into a home for a family, but the last step is always the same, putting in the flooring. For Don Cates, owner of C & C Carpet Center located at 2517 Aultman Street, the most fulfilling part of his job is getting to be a part of that final step.

“It is hard work installing carpet. I worked in a saw mill for a number of years and putting in a carpet is harder than that. But when it is all done and you walk out that door, people are home. Until we finish our job, it is not a home,” Cates said.

It is a feeling that he has seen time and again during his 35 years in the flooring industry, over 25 of which have been spent in Ely with his business. But for as good as it feels when everything is said and done, Cates knows that it can be just as difficult to get things started.

Offering hundreds of options for carpets, hardwood floors, tiles and more, often times the most daunting task for any family looking to transform a room or house starts with just settling on what they are going to be stepping on. Should they go for something thick and fuzzy, or something short and easy to clean? What about the color and how will it match with the room?

That’s where Cates’s knowledge and experience comes in.

“I can visualize how an entire room will look with a new carpet just by using a two by two sampler. I can see which colors will work for different situations, but I also take a lot of things into account that people often don’t think about, like how what type of dog a family has or what door they use the most can effect the look of a new floor,” Cates said.

The owner said that it is fairly common for a buyer to narrow their options down to their favorite two or three choices and then leave it up to his expertise to choose the best fit. It is a process that he enjoys and so far has had an excellent success rate with.

“I will run into people at the grocery store years later and they will tell me how much they have enjoyed their new flooring and it always makes me feel good,” Cates said.

Though in the beginning, Cates used to do most of the work himself, he has grown to include another member of his family in his business operations, his son Josh Cates. The two work in tandem to keep up with the big home makeover stores like Home Depot in larger cities, keeping their prices competitive and their offerings up to date. Josh Cates will track down shipping orders, one of the most difficult parts for the business due to Ely’s remoteness, to makes sure that the buyer has one less thing to stress about. Similar to his father, Josh Cates said that he enjoys working with the store’s customers because they can help finish people’s projects.

“It’s nice because you get to know people and help them finish something that they have been working so hard on, which can be really rewarding,” Cates said.

“Flooring is expensive, there is no getting around that. It is an investment in your home so our goal is to help them make the best decision so that they can live on something and feel good about their investment,” his father Don added.

For more information on C & C Carpet Center’s variety of flooring options, as well as their choices for blinds, granite counter tops and more, call 775-289-4377.