The Ely City Council and Railroad Board of Trustees took a step toward increasing communication with the Nevada Northern Railway’s management board by creating an official set of rules for both to use to talk to each other at their last meeting on Nov. 13. The new rules, which were put together by Councilman Marty Westland, break down communication into two categories, formal and informal, and calls for anything that falls into the formal category to be done so in ink and filed.

The management board’s Scott Husbands called the plan a “good first step” in the meeting and said that he would meet with the City’s Attorney Richard Sears before the next meeting to help determine more specific terms of the agreement, such as deadlines for formal communication and responses. The council agreed to revisit the plan at their next meeting to consider adapting it to add any proposed changes made by the two lawyers.

The other two railroad related agenda items, which claimed that management board members John Gianoli and Randy Larson’s terms had expired on the board, were tabled after Husbands handed out information claiming that the members terms were still active. Westland also put together a timeline to help determine exactly when the two board members’ terms will expire. The controversial items are expected to receive action at the council’s next meeting on Dec. 11.

Other notable actions taken by the council during the three and a half hour meeting included voting down an agenda item that proposed renting advertising space on the city’s water tanks. After a public hearing, the council also voted down a proposal by Verizon Wireless to build a new cell service tower near White Pine High School. The tower would have been just 100 feet away from land owned by Ely residents, who spoke during the public hearing portion of the meeting, expressing concerns over how the tower might affect their property value.