Chamber bucksChoosing the right gift for someone this time of year can be tricky. But Wayne Cameron, Director of the White Pine Chamber of Commerce, thinks he has just the thing.

They are called Chamber Bucks.

“They basically act like a gift card to the City of Ely,” Cameron said.

Sold inside the Chamber of Commerce, Chamber Bucks  act the same as cash inside participating retailers around town. In turn, the businesses can turn them back into the Chamber of Commerce to get reimbursed in full. It’s a closed loop system that guarantees that the money someone gifts to someone else will be spent locally, not online or out of town.

“So far this month we have already reimbursed over $1,000 to businesses from Chamber Bucks,” Cameron said.

As an owner of one of the local businesses in town that accepts Chamber Bucks, Andy Bath said that he loves the system.

“I find it to be very useful. We give our employees Chamber Bucks whenever we do something for them instead of cash because the money will just go right back into local businesses,” Bath said.

Bath also added that as a business owner, redeeming the Chamber Bucks for reimbursement is a “piece of cake.”

Cameron said the idea to implement the system came after he visited Elko and saw their Chamber of Commerce doing the same thing, only theirs was called Chamber Checks. Impressed, he returned to Ely and started working with businesses to implement the system. To date, Cameron said that the Chamber has sold more than $18,000 in the three years since they started.

But he is hoping that this holiday season, more people turn to them for gifts than regular cash or gift cards.

For more information about how to purchase Chamber Bucks, contact Cameron at775-289-8877.