Special to The Ely Times 

A couple of former Lund High athletes, who are now both residents of the state of Virginia, are still performing at a high level in their respective sports.  2012 Lund graduate Melynda Boren is the starting center for Division III Southern Virginia University Knights basketball team.  This is her second year at the Buena Vista, Virginia school.  She recently scored 24 points in a game against Washington and Lee College.  She currently leads the team in points per game (12.0) and field goal percent (50%), and is third in rebounds (6.5).  Boren was an all-conference MVP in basketball and volleyball while at Lund, and was a 2 time state champion in the discus.

Moving from rural Nevada to the east coast has been a big change for Boren.  In a recent conversation Melynda described her experience there and the outlook for this year’s team.  “Virginia has allowed me to not only grow as a person but it has allowed me to grow spiritually and find myself personally. The people here are incredible, and the education and the experience that I have gained are irreplaceable. As far as basketball goes, we have a very solid and well-rounded team this year. The CAC conference is one of the toughest Division III conferences on the east coast but I definitely think we have the talent and will to finish in the top 10. With a brand new coach, five returning players and a new program there is a lot of work to do, but so far everything that we need to work on is all fixable. I think the future is bright for this program and I couldn’t be happier with the group of girls that we have this year.”

Just up the road a few hours from Melynda, at Fort Belvoir, Virginia lives 2006 Lund graduate Wendy Harris Shaha and her husband Dave and their two children.  She recently finished 6th overall, and the first woman in a 5K race at Fort Belvoir, in a time of 19:48 with 368 runners.  And on November 22 she finished 11th overall (2nd women) of the 336 runners in a 10 K race in Alexandria, Virginia.  Harris was a 12 time individual Nevada state champion in track and cross country.  She ran for BYU and graduated in 2013.

Sense motherhood running has had different challenges for Shaha. “I need running.  But now there’s an added obstacle that doesn’t involve wind or snow.  It’s my kids. It isn’t easy getting us all out the door to go for a run. It takes a lot of stamina and patience. And pushing a double jogging stroller around my hilly neighborhood with 55 lbs. of kid in it, isn’t easy.  Especially when you factor in the whining, fighting, snack requests, wildlife stops, and potty breaks, but running literally keeps me from going crazy. I need it. It helps me be a better mom. I’m not the runner I used to be, but that’s okay. There’s more to life than winning races.”Melynda Boren1