Shasta Drake and Kandy Cox hold their “elf on a shelf” inside the new location for Goin’ Postal off of Aultman Street.

Shasta Drake and Kandy Cox hold their “elf on a shelf” inside the new location for Goin’ Postal off of Aultman Street.

It’s getting to be that time of year. The time of shopping, wrapping, shipping and maybe just a bit more last minute shopping. For such a joyful season, it sure can be stressful. That’s where Shasta Drake at Goin’ Postal comes in.

“We offer complete packaging. You bring in the gift and we will take care of the packaging, wrapping, boxes, shipping peanuts, whatever you need,” Drake, the store’s manager said.

It’s a busy time of the year for her kind of store, one that specializes in getting gifts to and fro on time. But according to Drake, Goin’ Postal offers the best experience for getting things in the mail in Ely, offering several services that give her and her customers a leg up on all of the holiday havoc.

“We are the only business in town that has contracts with both UPS and FedEx, and we also work with the USPS. Unlike the post office though, we place tracking numbers on every single item we send out at no extra charge, so our customers will always know where there packages or letters are and when they will arrive,” she said.

In addition to tracking numbers, Drake also pointed out that she attaches $100 worth of insurance for free on any package, which should help ease the minds of those wary of their gifts ending up under the wrong tree. But for all the insurance and tracking, nothing beats good, old-fashioned planning ahead said Drake.

“Things get really crazy starting around the second week of December. I remember last year I was packing things all the way until 8:30 at night just trying to get them out the door. I know it’s obvious, but the earlier someone gets things in, the better,” Drake said.

But despite the increased focus on shipping during the holidays, Drake said that Goin’ Postal offers a lot of different services that people might not know about. The store handles things like color copies, printing, private mailboxes, passport photos, notary services and even gifts.

“We started selling little solar toys that dance when they are in the sunlight just for fun, but they have really taken off. We also sell purses and hand bags that you could normally find at the mall for over $100 and we sell them here for anywhere from $20 to $40,” Drake said.

The store will also be getting into the spirit of the season with an “elf on the shelf” promotion, where Santa’s little helper will find himself all over the place, usually offering discounts on items and services. Drake said that she thinks the program will be a lot of fun. To track the location of Goin’ Postal’s elf, visit their Facebook page Ely Goin’ Postal. For more information about shipping prices, call the store at 775-293-4040.