Scott Madison is the president and founder of Network  Services Solutions. (Courtesy photo)

Scott Madison is the president and founder of Network
Services Solutions. (Courtesy photo)

Reno based company Network Services Solutions, LLC (NSS). is looking to bring high-speed internet via a fiberoptic network to William Bee Ririe Hospital and schools within Ely. Their Founder and President Scott Madison said that through a partnership with internet service-provider AT&T, NSS is getting close to connecting the various establishments to the high speed network.

“We have been working closely with [AT&T] to basically qualify several locations in Ely and some of the facilities out there, for fiber delivery,” Madison said.

The connectivity, if successful, could provide a major benefit to the way information is sent and received in the hospital and could provide new opportunities for teachers in local schools thanks to the added speed. Madison said that it has been his company’s goal to help get rural Nevada institutions connected since NSS was formed in 1993, when it first began providing long-distance services to a nursing facility in Elko. Since that time, NSS has grown to work with over 500 clients in 39 states, focusing on voice, data, storage and connectivity solutions. But for Madison, the real need is in isolated communities such as Ely.

But that same isolation from major metropolitan areas is also the reason it has taken so long to get a fiber network in place in Ely. Similar to how AT&T expanded their high-speed pipeline through access to their U-Verse within the last year in Ely, Madison said that working with them will allow NSS to have the best access into town, though challenges still remain.

“Thanks to some of the improvements AT&T has done, we have been able to qualify many different areas in rural Nevada for these fiber networks. But as I understand it from speaking with some of AT&T’s engineers, we might still have some difficulties getting the connectivity along the last mile,” he said.

Madison, who was in town for the Nevada Association of Counties (NACO) convention last week, said that a similar network connection should be completed to Battle Mountain by mid-December and that under ideal circumstances, Ely would be connected in the next 60 to 90 days.