An attempt to prompt a recount for the White Pine County Sheriff race by former Sheriff candidate Penny Jo Robison failed after an initial “pre-count” of three percents fail to find a minimum one percent discrepancy in votes.

Robison had filed for the recount with the County Clerk’s office on Nov. 17  and a recount of voting precinct’s 1, 2 and 6 was conducted at the County Courthouse on Nov. 21 by Lin Burleigh and four members of the recount board. Per NRS’s 293.400-293.405, Robison asked that the minimum amount of precincts, three, be counted to see if there were enough discrepancies to launch a full recount of all ten precincts. Only four discrepancies were found by the Clerk’s office, less than the one percent needed, in this case nine votes, to trigger a larger recount effort.

Though the race was decided by only four votes upon the initial election results, Burleigh said that the four discrepancies would have actually increased incumbent and winner Dan Watt’s total vote count by two in one precinct and reduce Robison’s total in another.

The filing period for recounts is now over and all election results are final.