The United States Department of Agriculture Rural Development State Director Sarah Adler wants non-profit organizations in Ely to know that the USDA could offer their organization a chance to grow through lesser-known about grants and loans.

During a recent trip to Ely, Adler said that she was able to see some opportunities for the USDA to help local businesses and non-profits, as well as bring entirely new organizations into the mix. Using the example of the abandoned library building in McGill, Adler said that the facility could be turned into something that would benefit the community through the USDA’s rural development loans.

“That’s the kind of  project that we could make a loan to a non-profit or a local entity to turn that into an art center or make a loan to a business to turn it into a restaurant. That could all be done through our community facilities program,” she said, adding, “That would be an example of us meeting our overall goal which is to help make rural communities sustainable.”

For more information on all of USDA’s available laon and grant oppurtunities for non-profits and small businesses, contact their Elko Field Office at 775-738-8468.