After a dominant showing by the White Pine High School wrestling team in their home meet to start the season, coach Mike Gamberg said that he just wanted to see his wrestlers keep getting better. Though the end results from the past weekend’s meet in Utah might not look as impressive, Gamberg said he was happy with the progress he saw in his team amid the tougher competition.

“The step up in competition was ten fold. All the weight classes were stacked,” Gamberg said.

The coach used the example of one of his most dominant wrestlers, Drue Ashby. Though the senior placed first in the team’s home meet and was honored as the meet’s “outstanding wrestler,” Gamberg said that Ashby’s third place performance in the Utah meet stood out even more.

“Drue had to wrestle an All-American in his weight class. He didn’t end up winning but the fact that he came in third shows how tough he is, I couldn’t ask for more than that,” the coach said.

Another two White Pine wrestlers continued their streak making it to the podium with Christopher Gamberg and Monty Moore both finishing second in the meet. According to to coach Gamberg, Moore “should have been the champion” in his weight class, but made a few simple mistakes that ended with him being pinned in matches he was easily winning.

Moore acknowledged the near victory in practice, saying that he knows he could have won in his weight class if not for his match-ending slip-ups.

“I just got myself in a couple of positions that I shouldn’t have been in. They ended up costing me matches I should have won,” Moore said.

Freshmen Jorge Chamorro continued to impress coach Gamberg with his positive attitude and effort in each of his matches. Though Chamorro has yet to win a match in his weight class this season, Gamberg has credited him as one of the hardest workers on the team.

“Most of the guys in his weight class are all juniors and seniors. He hasn’t had the experience or the chance to build up the strength to really go toe-to-toe with them just yet, but he has a great attitude and continues to get better each week,” Gamberg said.

Things won’t get any easier for the wrestlers this weekend, as they head to St. George to take on what Gamberg called “the gauntlet.” The stiff challenge of facing off against bigger schools does little to shake the coach’s faith in his team’s ability to compete however.

“Just because we are a small school doesn’t mean we can’t take on the bigger schools. Who cares what division they are in, we can compete with anybody.”