Boys B-ball1The crowd was roaring. The players were pumped up. The White Pine Bobcats had clawed their way back into the game against Calvary Christian Chapel at home on Dec. 20. They cut the lead to two points with a couple of minutes remaining.

But the Lions, buoyed by their star Matthew Harney’s 41 points, held on. The Bobcats lost their closest game of the season 67-61.

Head coach Charlie Hall called the game “the best team effort I’ve seen all season.”

“These boys played their hearts out and even though we didn’t win, I’m still proud of their effort,” Hall said.

He also credited the home crowd for helping maintain the momentum of the team when they started to fall behind.

“It’s great playing in front of a home crowd like that, it really gave us a boost.”

Hall said that he had known going into the game that Harney was going to be their biggest challenge to defend. The Bobcats prevented the Lion’s star from getting too many easy shots under the hoop but it didn’t stop Harney, who at times looked like he couldn’t miss from long range.

“I knew he was going to be a threat, I didn’t realize how much of a threat he posed as a 3-point shooter,” Hall said.

The game was a world different from the team’s first home game of the season against Meadows just one day prior. The Bobcats had difficulties maintaining possession of the ball against the talented Mustang team, leading to a blowout 77-42 loss.

The Bobcats will get a short break before heading back out onto the road to face Pahranagat Valley on Dec. 30 at 7:30 p.m.