By Randy Lee

Former Ely City Councilman

I have been asked by numerous people why I resigned from the Ely City Council.  I will say first that I have a myriad of personal reasons for resigning, but I would not have quit for those reasons alone.

I’m sure the geniuses who masterminded the ill-conceived recall would like to take credit for my resignation, so I want to set the record straight.

I have been considering resigning for some time now. In the unlikely chance that the recall is successful, I think most citizens will realize that my timing constitutes a contingency plan.

I have several personal reasons for resigning, the most important of which being that I consider time a precious commodity and I am wasting far too much of it trying to keep certain people satisfied who will never be satisfied. For example, two of the sponsors of the recall run the Ely Central Theater.  After applying for, and receiving a permit to sell alcohol, the wife of one of them wrote a letter to the editor saying it was “childish” that one of the five of us voted against the motion. In the past, the third sponsor of the recall accused us of always voting the same. Some people are never satisfied.

I have spent too much time on negativity. I have spent too much time listening to repetitious/critical/useless prattle during public comment. I have spent too much time trying to answer the question, “If everything is fine at the railroad, why don’t they welcome an audit?”  I am tired of the constant threat of lawsuits and open meeting law violations and having to be politically correct around people who are not.

So I will not be accused of dwelling on negativity in this letter, I would like to point out that the city has improved considerably with the present city council. City finances are in great shape and transparency is a key word under the expert hand of our city clerk. Streets are better and will continue to improve under the management of our public works director. Snow removal is better than in the past and has gotten many positive comments from the public.  City ordinances are now online. The downtown area is cleaner and more attractive than in the past. The mayor has taken a leading role in cleaning up the entire city. Animal Control is better than ever, and we are approaching being a “no kill” facility. A recycle program is finally being established. The entire city staff is working hard to keep the city running smoothly, and I think they are doing a great job.

I encourage every citizen who has something positive to say to show up at a city council meeting and be heard. It will go a long way in offsetting the constant barrage of negative comments by the disgruntled, never-happy few.