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White Pine High School Culinary teacher Megan Wright is the December Ely Lion’s Club teacher of the month. Nominated by WPHS Principal Adam Young, Wright began her teaching career at White Pine High School several years ago, having had no formal training or experience as a high school teacher.  Despite this initial limitation, Wright has devoted her considerable talents to building a program that has not existed in full force at the school for many, many years.  Currently, Wright is homeless at the school while her classroom is being rebuilt to accommodate the vision Wright has created for the program. Students view Wright as a caring and energetic teacher who possesses a sense of humor.  She spends hours and hours outside of regular instructional time with her Culinary Club students as they cater events at the school and in the community.  Through her example, Wright’s students learn how to interact with the public, how to plan and carry out an event, how to prepare and serve dishes that please the palate, and how to clean up properly. More importantly, however, is the hard work, effort, determination, and grit that students learn from spending this quality learning time with their teacher. Students learn these qualities because they see them exemplified each day from Wright. Wright is also a leader among her colleagues.  Despite having a steep learning curve when she dove into the teaching position, she has progressed in her planning, instructional, and assessment skills to be recognized throughout the staff as one on the forefront of facilitating learning. Wright helps lead the discussions of the Career and Technical Education Team and embraces opportunities to learn more about effective teaching and learning, not just in the culinary realm, but beyond into other areas as well. Young said that “She is deserving of this award and is a true boon to WPHS and her students.”Teacher of the Month - 1