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Recall Election is a Referendum. This is where the entire electorate in Ely is asked to come out to vote. Where will you stand? Will you vote to reject the recall or approve the recall? If the recall is rejected the current members keep their positions. If the recall is approved the positions become vacant until new councilmen are voted in. There is two sides to this story. Why should we keep the current city council members or why should we seek new city council members?

Point I have seen this on other sites about the two that started the recall were called names saying that they were causing drama. I do not know these people. I was disappointed in the fact that the right to voters recall such a hateful attack. I feel that law was put there for purpose and should be respected. “Americans exercising their voters rights”

Counter Point — I think you meant to state in the post the entire electorate in the City of Ely is required to come out to vote. In this instance, it is Ely’s elected officials. The one filed earlier this year would have involved all the voters in the county, but it did not get enough signatures to go forward.

Point — This has to be an individual decision for each voter. If you feel the existing council members are doing a good job you have to vote against the recall. But if you feel someone else can do a better job you have to vote for the recall. I am glad I don’t get to vote.

Counter Point — Maybe instead of how would you vote. Which is personal, we should have ask why should we vote one way or the other. I am sure there are some people out there that can tell us some specific reasons that we may not be aware of to vote for or against.

Point I don’t mind saying it – one of the recall initiators is my neighbor and he is a miserable person who seems to want everyone else to be miserable. He is a grouch and is always complaining about something in our neighborhood. That being said, it is their right to initiate this, however, I do not support it and will not vote for it.

Counter Point — I can say that for both sides. The council was he’ll bent on getting rid of Jim Alworth, and how did that work out for them? Now, if there is a recall election there are a few possibilities; first being that the council may not be voted out and secondly, that anyone new in could have different agendas. I’m anxiously awaiting the main event!!!

Point — I believe this is setting a new precedent for the State of Nevada. Individuals have faced recall, but in this case it is the Mayor and the entire city Council. What are the steps that must be taken? One councilman has resigned. It is my understanding that the Mayor, at the pleasure of the City Council members, appoint someone to take his position. There is also the search for a new City Attorney. If the voters vote to accept the recall, what is the next step? Do people simply apply for the position? will there be a vote? Who will make the decision who replaces those recalled? I believe the public will require more information before the decision can be made which way to vote.

Counter Point — It is my understanding that any of the city council members who are voted out in this recall. Will be replaced with other Ely citizens who have signed up and paid fees and provided information. This will happen in a second election to be held to shortly after the recall vote.

Point: There is a City Election next year. Two of the councilmen terms will have expired, Mr. Westland and Mr. Derbidge. I think those who are appointed will have to run for election next year too. That is another dilemma as it is the Mayor and two council person, then the next election, 3 ccouncil person. It may be that three on the council will have 2 year terms, 2 will have four year terms.

Counter Point: So here is how it is laid out Step 1 get signatures turned in. They needed at least 25% of the Ely voters . “Raw Count” The clerk has 4 Days. Step 2 The Secretary of State then gives permission to verify signatures. Step 3 In our case it requires at least a sampling of 5%. The clerk has 9 Days to verify said signatures. Step 4 Determination of Sufficiency if there is enough signatures the SOS will declare the petition sufficient. Step 4a the election will be held within 30 days. I think we are on step 4 somewhere. Step 5 Special elections, from how I read it you have to have a Nominating Petition sign by 25% of Ely voters and have it turned in 20 days be for the vote. Has Anyone done this? and if no one runs then the vote goes to recall or not recall. This works with only one member being recalled. Hows it work with all of them being recalled at once?

Point: Check your description of step 3, since there are less than 500 votes on each petition, I think all signatures are checked, not a 5% sample. Not that it makes a big difference. Each petition stands alone. To and through the recall election, there is no difference if one, several, or all are recalled. Now, it COULD make a difference in how replacements are selected, depending on 1/ if anyone runs against the current officeholders in the recall election or 2/ the Randy Lee position is filled before or after that time.