Owners of Margarita’s Jorge and Margarita De La Cerda stand in front of their restaurant’s new entrance in the Prospector Hotel.

Owners of Margarita’s Jorge and Margarita De La Cerda stand in front of their restaurant’s new entrance in the Prospector Hotel.

Margarita De La Cerda, owner of Margarita’s Mexican Restaurant, is still getting adjusted to her restaurant’s new home inside of the Prospector Hotel and Casino. Cerda said the choice to move out of the building that housed the popular Mexican restaurant for the last five years was one that wasn’t taken lightly, but was ultimately the right decision in order to take care of her customers.

“We loved that place. That was our home from the beginning. But it was an old building that was becoming more and more difficult to maintain,” Cerda said of the restaurant’s previous address on Great Basin Highway heading toward McGill.

The owner said heating was one of the biggest determining factors in the decision to move. She hated seeing her customers, many of whom she has come to consider friends, having to eat while shivering or bringing blankets in to stay warm. Her and her husband and co-owner Jorge did everything they could to stay, bringing in space heaters over the winter, but the old electrical wiring in the building couldn’t keep up.

“I want to provide a place for my customers that is comfortable for them, somewhere where they can bring their families and have a nice meal without having to worry about being cold in the winter,” Cerda said.

After some prayer, Cerda said, the answer came looking for her. Prospector owner Bert Woywood offered Cerda a chance to move her restaurant inside of his hotel, replacing the casino’s previous restaurant. According to Cerda, the deal allowed her and her husband to continue running the restaurant as they saw fit and solved their building maintenance issues.

“Bert was looking to get out of the restaurant business so we just rent the space from him and still act as owner and operator of Margarita’s,” Cerda said.

That means that the same cooks, servers, even menus will all remain intact. For all intents and purposes, Margarita’s is the same restaurant inside the Prospector as it was on its own. Save for a few festive decorations that haven’t come in yet.

“We are still ordering the décor. It can be difficult to get some of that stuff to Ely,” Cerda said with a laugh.

Margarita’s will still cook the American style breakfast menu that was offered by the previous restaurant offered from 5:30 to 11 a.m. Monday through Saturday and 5:30 a.m. to 1 p.m. on Sunday. Cerda said she is looking into adding some Mexican breakfast options onto the menu into the future and maybe even some more American inspired options onto the lunch and dinner menus down the line as well.

One thing that the move has allowed for her customers though, Cerda explained, is the ability to throw much larger parties at the restaurant. The hotel’s banquet room is part of the space Cerda rents, allowing for Margarita’s to accommodate up to 100 people for special occasions.

For more information on Margarita’s Mexican Restaurant, call 775-289-6296.