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William Bee Ririe Hospital and Rural Health Clinic would like to announce some exciting changes to our administrative staff, including a new Chief Executive Officer and Administrative Assistant.  Matt Walker, PharmD, has taken over as the facility’s Chief Executive Officer and Susan Martin is taking over as his Administrative Assistant.  Matt came to William Bee Ririe in 2010 and has been the hospital Pharmacist since that time.  He has a firsthand knowledge of the William Bee Ririe organization and a deep understanding of the unique needs associated with our community. “I love this community and feel that the hospital is an asset. It is my hope that we can work together to make meaningful changes and improvements to make everyone agree. I have seen some of the strengths and weaknesses that currently exist and hope that with my dedication to the facility and the community, and with your support we can go from a good healthcare provider to a great one!” said Walker, CEO.

We are looking forward to the ideas and changes he will bring to the table. If you have any questions that need brought to the attention of administration you can contact Susan Martin, Administrative Assistant, at (775) 289-3001 Ext. 222.  For concerns about the clinic or hospital please contact Keva Harrison, Public Relations Director, at (775) 289-3612 Ext. 346.Matt1