Auditors of the City of Ely finances had good things to say about the future of the city based on their findings, which were presented at the latest city council meeting on Jan. 22 inside the Armory. Explained by City Auditor Chad Atkinson of Hinton Burdick CPAs, the city’s finances continued on an upward trend of growth that has continued in the right direction over the past five years through fiscal year 2014. which ended in June.

The audit, which was delayed Atkinson said due to having extra work examining federal grant funds, did have some “significant deficiencies” in regards to having proper controls in place in certain areas. Councilman Bruce Setterstrom asked Atkinson if he felt the areas where deficiencies were found were being properly dealt with by the city, to which Atkinson said he believed they were.

The auditor pointed out that at least one of the deficiencies has already been taken care of by City Clerk Bob Sweitzer.

Atkinson also presented findings from the calender year 2013 for the Nevada Northern Railway as part of the city’s annual audit, to which no major discrepancies were found.