To the Editor:

This letter might be a mix between a public interest article for Ely and a plea for help.

My husband’s family is from Ely, mine is not but in our early married life, I was introduced to Ely. We ended up in the military and spent 22 years traveling only to come back to where we had begun, Ely. I fell in love with Ely in all of its grandeur and beauty all over again. I am very much of an out of doors person, but don’t get me wrong I’m very much of an interior decorator. I love to decorate, inside and out, especially for the Holidays.

I love fishing and hunting, camping, garnet hunting, wood hauling for the winter– Don’t get too carried away with the wood hauling though ha ha! But I just like all that goes with the out of doors and country life. I also like to garden some flowers but mostly veggies and fruit trees. I love to can which I learned from my mother-in-law in Ely.

When we moved back again, things were grand and glorius. We got involved in a church and so on. Then it happened. I got sick for the first time and everything changed. Even though we had financial help from being retired military and my husband has always worked along with everything else, our word fell apart. Medically we had to leave the place we loved and have made the best of where we went and have been for the last 15 years. But we still struggle financially with medical bills.

During this time I finally got better and was able to get my driver’s license back and adopted two of our grandchildren. Life had pretty much got back to normal. We got involved in a church again but we were still not able to move back to the place our hearts have always been. Then, again, I started feeling bad and have been diagnosed with leukemia. That again was devastating but between our faith in God and our family, we are making it through one day at a time but now there’s more medical bills. The Lord says he’s not going to give us more than we can handle, but I wonder sometimes.

We now have a daughter that’s going down her own path that we are very proud of and an eleven year old who is full of life and then some. She loves being outside. She would be a dog if she could be. She loves dogs and where we are now, we can’t have one. She loves sports, all kinds, and loves a lot of the things her parents like to do but there is a hitch: there isn’t a lot of those things here that we like to do. So before she gets any older and has to miss out on anything else we would like to get her back into country life so she can experience all country life and seasonal weather have to offer.

My dream has been, for a long time, to live in a log cabin or house. So I was wondering if anyone out there in Ely has one for rent or would be willing to rent to own. Not as charity as we have always been hardworkers but realizing that some things have to be figured out as far as my chemo treatment and the side affects that I have had so far. It’s been a tough go for all of us.

As we all know, we don’t know what the future holds but for my family’s sake and myself I want to be able to experience Ely again and all that it has to offer with my family…. before it’s too late…

Makayla Burgess


(805) 863-7440