Fundraising is a vital element of revenue for the White Pine Nutrition Program. To give a little information on the funding of the White Pine Nutrition Program, also known as the Senior Center ,the program is funded in part by a .03 cent tax override, Aging and Disability Services Division Title C-1 and C-2 grants, USDA Food and Cash Distribution Program, grants, program income and of course donations.

Donations are always welcome. A few unique ways to help the program are Adopt a Meal or Sponsor a Meal. Employers, churches, organizations, families and friends of seniors can Adopt-a-Meal for a week or a month. A suggested donation for a weekly meal would be $15.00 or $60.00 for a month of meals. Sponsoring a Meal the donor picks up the tab for that day. The recipients are totaled for that day’s meal at a suggested donation of $3.00 for seniors. The donor can specify if they would like to sponsor the meal at the Center or just the home bound meals or both. With revenues staying the same and expenses steadily increasing it is more difficult to stretch our budget. Our goal is to help seniors have a nutritious meal and a safe clean social environment.

All donors are appreciated, whether it is cash, food, services, time or items, without these generous folks it would be much more difficult to keep the program strong and stable.

For more information contact Chris Ricci, Senior Center Director at 775 289-2742 or stop by the Center at 1000 Campton Street.