Though the White Pine High School Bobcat basketball team has had flashes of success in their home gym, the road has been another story. The team dropped another two games in Las Vegas over the weekend, losing to The Meadows (15-5) 79-39 on Friday and Calvary Chapel Christian (8-10) 74-61 on Saturday.

First year head coach Charlie Hall said that both his team and the Mustangs started the game flat on Friday in the Meadows home gym. Hall looked to capitalize on the usually hard to keep up with Mustangs by attacking on offense but the Bobcats were equally ineffective.

“We couldn’t get it going,” Hall said. “Unfortunately when we get down, our guys have a hard time dealing with it.”

The Saturday game proved to be a much closer affair but the end result proved to be the same. Hall said that the goal was to stop Calvary’s top shooter Matthew Harney, who put up 41 points on the Bobcats in their last match-up. The strategy worked to an extent. The Bobcats held Harney to just 7 points on his home floor but ultimately couldn’t score enough to take the lead in the fourth quarter.

The diamond in the rough during the two losses was the emergence of Jonathan Gust, who had 21 points for the Bobcats in Saturday’s game.

In practice Tuesday, Gust said that he has grown a lot this season and is hoping he can help his team pull out a few more wins before their final game on Feb. 14

The Bobcats will get three more chances to get a road win, facing Laughlin on Friday, Needles on Saturday and West Wendover on the following Tuesday.