To the Editor,

For the past 12 months, scarcely one issue of the Ely Times has been published that has not had something negative in it concerning the Nevada Northern Railway.

Usually this involved reporting on the Ely City Council members stating their concerns about the Nevada Northern Railway’s audit (“There are FOUR red flags in the audit — totally unacceptable”) or about the supposed indebtedness to the city due to the S&S Shortline contract (“The city is responsible for $375,000 debt due to S&S! No, it’s a debt of $750,000!”)

The recent audit of the City of Ely’s finances (which, by the way, contained 14 of these so-called ‘red flags’) states clearly, in Note #15 on page 47, that “The City and the Ely Railroad Enterprise fund have no obligation for the rehabilitation costs.”

In other words, just as Mr. Bassett and the Railroad Management Board have maintained over the past year, the city is at no financial risk due to the S&S Shortline agreement, nor has it ever been.

Furthermore, buried in the last sentence in the January 30 front page article headlined “City finances in good shape annual audit finds” is this sentence:

“Atkinson also presented findings from the calendar year 2013 for the Nevada Northern Railway as part of the city’s annual audit, to which no major discrepancies were found.”

Yes, the city’s own audit corroborated the Railroad Management Board’s assertions that the railroad is, not only in excellent financial shape but that there is nothing suspicious to be found in its books.

I believe that the Ely Times, having helped plant seeds of mistrust and doubt concerning the Railroad’s finances, has the responsibility to clearly publicize the reassuring news that:

The railroad’s finances are in good shape, according to the city’s own audit.

No one in our community needs to be fearful about any negative financial implications to the taxpayers and the city due to the S&S Shortline agreement.

Let’s be fair here. To not publish pertinent follow-ups to stories you have already printed gives the impression that you are favoring one side over another.

Susan Wetmore

Baker, NV

Letter to the Editor, 

I would like to thank all who supported me at the Ely Barber Shop.

Dawn Lamb has moved back to Utah and closed the shop. I am required to complete apprenticeship hours. As soon as I have completed that requirement, I will be back to open the barber shop in Ely.

Thanks to all,

Monica Corbin