By Jodi Foster

KDSS Operations Manager

This month’s “Angel in Disguise” winner is Lacey Elizabeth Sue Lyons.

Lyons was nominated by her dad Russell. Lyons entered their lives when she was 7 months old and she barely had any functioning capabilities and her motor skills were so far behind they didn’t know if she would make it as an independent person or be dependent upon others to help her through life.

Lyons was given lots of love, attention and help by her parents Russell and Keli and their families as well. The families had specialists come into their home to give her physical therapy so that she would be able to hold her head up, roll over, crawl or even perform the simplest of skills such as holding her own bottle.

Lyons will be turning six in May and has overcome so much. She walks, runs, and plays with her siblings and friends. She is very smart and very lucky to not have any major disabilities.

She has shown her family that despite the defective start that she received in life, she must be an angel to overcome what she has been through.

Lyons is an inspiration to all that she comes in contact with and that know her background. It is an inspiration to know that though life is full of darkness, troubles and sorrow, sometimes a light will arise to give us hope in human kind, a hope of unconditional love and acceptance such as Lyons has shown us.

Lyons was given a Recognition Award, as well as a basket full of goodies from one of her favorite movies Frozen.

A huge thank you goes out to our sponsors for the month of February. Without them, none of this would be possible. This month’s sponsors for the Angel in Disguise program were: KDSS, Great Nevada Credit Union, Party Train Express, Chamber of Commerce, as well as some silent donors.

A special thank you goes out to the White Pine County Sheriff’s Office, Sheriff Dan Watts, and Officer Matt Pearson, and The Bureau of Land Management (BLM) Chris Hanefeld and Joe Sedlacek. These four gentlemen went the extra mile to make this day extra special.

Lacey Lyons is held by her father Russell after being awarded as this month’s “Angel.” (Courtesy photo)

Lacey Lyons is held by her father Russell after being awarded as this month’s “Angel.”
(Courtesy photo)