Special to The Ely Times  

“I wanted to let subscribers know about some wonderful programs to keep seniors in their homes as long as possible and free from costly institutions which they fear more than death.  The programs are for White Pine County seniors and transportation for adults with a disability” said Susan Haas, Executive Director of the Nevada Rural Counties RSVP Program, Inc. (RSVP). “Volunteers and family members who are transporting their loved ones to the doctor or to pick up prescriptions and for socialization may be eligible for mileage reimbursement. Call to sign up for this wonderful benefit which provides access to the goods and services people need to remain independent”.

RSVP has been working with seniors in White Pine County for more than 40 years.  Here are the services that we offer in White Pine County:

Transportation:  Rural RSVP provides medical and dental trips for low income seniors which is a door to door escorted service for seniors who have no other resource.  This is also for shopping, the pharmacy and other needs providing not only the transportation but the emotional reassurance that is so necessary for frail, confined elderly persons to access the lifesaving goods and services they need to remain independent.

Respite Program:  Provides time off to family caregivers providing 24/7 care of loved ones.  Around 60% of aged caregivers die before the loved one from the stress and exhaustion but cannot afford help.  RSVP provides volunteers with a small stipend and mileage reimbursement, pre service, and ongoing in service instruction, to relieve caregivers (who care for ailing loved ones) and give them a few hours at a time, a couple of days per week for stress relief thus prolonging their lives and the lives of the person they care for.  It also gives the one being cared for a new person to share their thoughts and feelings with.

Homemaker Services: Provide frail, homebound seniors with assistance with housekeeping such as dusting, kitchen and bathroom cleaning, floor maintenance as well as laundry and linen changing.

Lifeline Program:  This program is an emergency response system for a senior needing help at once.  This is highly recommended for homebound seniors living alone. Lifeline Program that has a monitoring fee of about $1.00 a day. We do have some units available at no charge for low income seniors in need of the service.

RSVP Volunteer Station, Office & Program assistance:  If you have a few hours a week to help out in the office answering phones, filing, dropping off fliers, helping with the paperwork to sign up clients and volunteers – we can sure use your help. We also need drivers and volunteers to assist with providing help to local seniors in need.

A call to action: Rural RSVP encourages all to volunteer their time even if it is only for an hour or two per week. Studies show that caring, kindness and compassion improve health and well-being and increase longevity. Some doctors are even giving out volunteering prescriptions to fight depression! Volunteering gives the clients the support they need and the contributor the pride of having made a real difference in the world.

Volunteers are able to provide services at no charge to clients; however, volunteers are not free. They are an extremely valuable resource and the costs to provide services are considerable. Donations are gratefully accepted. No one is turned away because of an inability to contribute. For more information or questions about our programs, contact your local Field Representative Kris Hughes (775) 687-4680 or go to www.nevadaruralrsvp.org.