Nevada State Senator Pete Goicoechea will introduce a new bill to the State Senate by Friday that could give residents of the City of Ely a chance to vote on whether they would like to see the City of Ely disincorporated and be taken over by the county.

The bill, known as sb238, reads “At the general election held in the City of Ely on June 2, 2015, a question must be placed on the ballot that in substantially the following form: Shall the City of Ely be disincorporated?” Following the question will be two boxes, one for a yes vote, the other for a no vote.

According to sb238, if the vote were to pass, the City of Ely would cease to exist starting on Jan. 1, 2016 and be renamed the Town of Ely. All elected officials for the city would lose their jobs and the residents of the Town of Ely would answer to the County Commission.

Though rumors had long circulated that there could be a vote to disincorporate the City of Ely somewhere in the works, sb238’s introduction this week caught many by surprise and gave little time to orchestrate a counter effort.

“I got a call from Senator Pete Goicoechea Monday morning asking my thoughts on if I thought it was a good idea and later that day found out it was already a bill,” City of Ely Mayo Melody Van Camp said.

Van Camp will be traveling to Carson City on Friday with three city council members Bruce Setterstrom, Tammy Carlgren and Marty Westland, City Administrator Bob Sweitzer and City Attorney Chuck Odgers to try and stop the bill from passing.