StuffnGo owner Henry Abell stands next to one of his stores many walls of DVD’s available for two-day rentals. (Garrett Estrada photo)

StuffnGo owner Henry Abell stands next to one of his stores many walls of DVD’s available for two-day rentals.
(Garrett Estrada photo)

In a time where most video rental stores have long since given up the fight to Redbox and online streaming services, Henry Abell hasn’t backed down. His store, StuffnGo DVD Rental and Retail continues to offer two-day DVD rentals in addition to various other retail products. Abell said that he’d much prefer to walk through aisles of movies and find something that fits him rather than only watch whatever is available through the other platforms.

“I don’t have a problem with Redbox. I have almost 5,000 DVD’s here and over 2,000 customers that choose from them,” Abell said. “You can come here and see in person what a movie is and you have the option of taking your time to see what else is out.”

But his store didn’t always have walls lined from ceiling to floor with DVD’s.

“When we first opened, I only had eight movies on the shelf,” Abell said. “It’s been really exciting and fun to see this place grow the way it has since then.”

It was only four and a half years ago when Abell opened Stuffngo on the edge of downtown, but the store had actually been the culmination of a dream that began long before then.

“I had wanted a movie place ever since I was little. I had always talked about it and four and a half years ago we finally said ‘Let’s do it.’” Abell said, adding “I didn’t do it for the money, I opened this place for the people in the community.”

He views his store as the alternative to streaming applications and on-demand services such as those offered by DirecTV.

“When you are at home on DirecTV, you watch what they want you to watch. Here, you can come and choose for yourself what to watch,” Abell said.

And watch he does. As the owner of a DVD rental store, Abell takes it upon himself to try and stay up to date with the latest movies coming to rental. Sitting from his office desk behind the counter of StuffnGo, Abell can watch a film on a flatscreen television and still keep an eye on his store. Some days he watches a new release, keeping an eye on all the trailers to know what he needs to order next. Other days he prefers to watch a classic film or try something he has never seen before. According to Abell, he tries to watch something everyday.

“My favorites are anything with Jean-Claude Van Damme or Steven Seagal,” the owner said.

But there is more to StuffnGo besides the DVD’s. The retail side of his business also includes movie posters, movie soundtracks and tires among other things, and while those first two might make sense in a movie store, the tires also have a connection to Abell’s family.

“We have the cheapest tires you can find anywhere in town,” Abell said. His brother is a mechanic in Arizona, so when he got established in his spot on Aultman Street, he figured why not throw in something a little different.

“That’s why we have the retail part in our name,” Abell joked.

For more information on DVD availability and prices, call StuffnGo DVD Rental and Retail at 775-289-3438.