It is not uncommon to find someone from the Young family out at the golf course. Adam Young, the principal of White Pine High School, helps out at golf practice when he can and holds his own in community tournaments. His two sons, Chris and Colin have spent years on the course, with Chris Young winning his first individual state title last year.

According to WPHS golf coach Randy Long, having a state champion and his promising younger brother on the same team this year will help motivate his inexperienced team to compete at a high level this season.

“Chris has become a vocal leader on the bus rides. Having someone that won a state championship on the team can make it easier for the less experienced kids to have someone they can ask questions when I’m helping someone else,” Long said.

Of course having a younger sibling on the team can also lead to healthy family competition as well, but Chris said that he is more focused on helping his brother than beating him.

“He hasn’t played on some of the courses yet that we go to so I try and get him ready for them beforehand,” Chris Young said.

Long seems to think that there is more competition between the two than Young lets on but as a coach, Long said that  the two should end up pushing each other to get better.

“They are both strong and good athletes. And I think having them compete against each other will be good for the team as a whole and the other will come along,” Long said.

Chris Young led the team with a low of 81 and 83 in the team’s last meet in Pahrump on March 12. The team took fourth overall out of the eleven school in the meet. Colin Young finished second on the team shooting an 89 and an 84. Long’s other experienced golfer, Tyler Kane, was unable to make the trip for personal reasons but is expected to return and help the team in their next meet at Wendover on March 18.

This year’s golf team drew a large amount of new students to the course and Long hopes that the larger squad of 14 will help keep each golfer motivated as the coach can only pick six to travel to each meet.

“We are on the greens earlier this year which will help the kids newer. They are enthusiastic about what is going on and we are having fun,” Long said of his younger golfers.