I thought about keeping you on the edge of your seat before I named the dish my husband wanted to make and take to a potluck/surprise baby shower we recently attended. But there is no way to fit chocolate covered bacon into a little story without just coming out and saying we took as a side dish, chocolate covered bacon.

Now upon first hearing him tell me about this recipe he came across on the internet I wanted to take his laptop away from him. His intentions were good, but chocolate covered bacon just sounded like a waste of two really great ingredients; chocolate and bacon. But I have found that if I just go with the flow instead of trying to swim against the current we are both happier.

So he printed the recipe off the internet and I read it and he read it, well I assumed he read it, and off to the store we went to get the ingredients; chocolate and bacon. On the outset I knew we were in trouble when we didn’t agree on the amount of this epicurean delight we would be making. Hence how much chocolate and bacon we would need. Not to mention what type of the two ingredients. We have the most civilized, uh, disagreements in stores. I huff, he puffs. Over years and years and years of huffing and puffing I have found, that since I am always right, it is best of just let him have it his way and then do it my way later. That was the case here.

Long ole story short, we got home with the bacon and chocolate and at the appointed time he fried the quarter strips to a lovely crisp, after he realized that I was right, the recipe called for quarter strips not strips cut into sixths. But why split hairs now right? I must say he is the best bacon fryer. He has the patience to just let it fry perfectly. I on the other hand do not and end up with bacon that is more or less a pig in a poke. You know looks like bacon, smells like bacon but is either too crisp becoming a bit burnt or not done enough and has that chewy fatty squishy texture. Anyway, with the bacon done I proceeded to melt the two kinds of chocolate that the recipe called for, dark and milk. Yum. And in another Jerry rigged double boiler I melted what was supposed to be white chocolate but he bought a candy that was white with little pieces of cookie mixed in. Oh well it was just for decoration, as the recipe called for. Just pull a wire whisk through the melted white chocolate and shake it over the already dark chocolate dipped pieces, just for an added “ta-da” factor.  You know like topping a baked potato already slathered with butter, with a dollop of sour cream and, then chives, and pepper. Some cooks just don’t know when to stop. But off I go on another foolish food rant.

After the bacon cooled the dipping began. Should we use little tongs to dip?  Maybe put a toothpick into each little bacon tidbit? We opted for the hand dipped method. Cleaning all matter of counter, utensils, hands, the drowning began. I have to tell you that I was more than a little sad at the sight of that two pounds of bacon quarter sliced, (had to throw that in again just because I can), being half covered with the mixture of dark and milk chocolate. I really like bacon, as I think most people do. I should say that I understand why some people are vegetarians, but in reality, I don’t. Come on its BACON! It’s one of the big reason we have thumbs, so we can get our own bacon. Again, yum.

In the end after refrigeration we had a huge cookie sheet covered in foil with like sixty little squiggly hard shelled bits of—well let me just say that you have got to try them, they are unbelievable. As word of the new dish spread after we put it out at the party I heard one man, as he chewed a piece say, “Here comes the bacon flavor!” One man walked by and pointed saying, “Now that is just wrong,” as he took a piece or was it two or three? Another said that the tidbits should be their own food group.

So kudos to the man in my life who was brave enough to try something new.  But ladies, don’t ever let them know that they have the upper hand. You’ll never get it back. Maybe that’s okay, 50/50 isn’t a bad thing is it? Recipe available, just e-mail me.

Trina Machacek lives in Eureka. Her book ITY BITS can be found on Kindle. Share your thoughts and opinions with her at itybytrina@yahoo.com.