Madeline Pickins-1Madeline Pickens claims her favorite track and field event is the pole vault, but after last Friday’s meet in Mesquite, she might have a new favorite. Pickens unknowingly set a new school record for the triple-jump with 33 feet. When her coach Justin Locke heard the distance, he had her double check with the judges to make sure he didn’t mishear it.

“When she came back and told me it was 33 feet, I just put my arm around her and told her she just set a new school record. You could tell she was excited, she had a big smile on her face for the rest of the day,” Locke said.

The head coach of the White Pine High School track and field team was plenty familiar with the previous school record for the triple jump, because it was set by his sister.

“She hasn’t answered my calls so she doesn’t know yet,” Locke said.

The White Pine girl’s team finished in second place at the March 13 meet, losing by only five points to Arbor View High School out of Las Vegas. Locke said the girls team could’ve taken first with their star Mikinley Prengel competing but a minor injury kept him cautious enough to not have her active.

The boys team finished in fifth place overall out of the ten schools. Sophomore Sam Stewart took two top finishes in the long distance 1600 and 3200 meter events. Senior Nate Lee had another good meet, finishing first in the 300 meter hurdles with a second place finish in the 110 meter hurdles and a fifth place in the long jump.

White Pine almost didn’t make it to the Bulldog Early Bird Meet after their school bus broke down a half an hour away from the high school they were competing at. Though the problem was eventually resolved and the organizers of the meet held up events to wait for their arrival, Locke said that the lack of down time between riding the bus and competing hurt the team at the start.

White Pine will next travel to Wendover to compete in the Micaela Constanzo Memorial Invite on March 21 at 11 a.m.