To the Editor

Hello, my name is Heriberto Rodriguez. I am a 5th grader at Napa Valley Language Academy at Napa,California.

I am writing to you because my class is doing state reports and I have chosen your AWESOME state, Nevada. I would really like it if you printed my letter in your newspaper so that I can get all the help that I need for my report. What I need from you or your readers are pamphlets, postcards, souvenirs or anything else that would be useful.

I will be writing about your state’s agriculture, history, economy, famous people, events, historical figures and natural parks. I will also be doing an oral report and state float.

Thank you for your support and help in making me a great researcher of your astounding state. If you have any questions email my teacher at

Thank you,

Heriberto Rodriguez

Napa Valley Language Academy

Mrs. Dearborn

2700 Kilburn ave

Napa, Ca 94558