Baseball sliderLosing in a blowout loss is never easy, but sometimes it is unavoidable. The White Pine High School Bobcat baseball team suffered their first setback of divisional play over the weekend, losing 20-1 and 13-2 on the road against Meadows. According to head coach Quinn Ewell, poor decisions by some of the players caused distractions that the team couldn’t seem to shake during their week of practices.

“I told the guys after we lost that if we don’t practice hard and if we lose our focus, this is the kind of thing that happens,” Ewell said.

While the coach wouldn’t go into specifics, he did say that he hopes the team’s extra week off due to Spring Break will allow his athletes to refocus and come back to practice ready to work hard.

“I don’t prefer having a week off but in this case it might help us get our minds right and allow us to rest up,” the coach continued.

The Bobcats will plat their next six games at home, starting with Lake Mead on April 10 at 1 p.m.

The Ladycat softball team continued their dominance so far this season in Vegas, beating the Meadows in back to back 20-0 blowouts.

The Ladycats will return on April 10 as well to take on Lake Mead at home starting at 1 p.m.