To the Editor:

Angels Among Us!

Two weeks ago I was trying to load a lot of newly cut wood in the back of my pick up that my neighbor had cut down.  He had two old trees and told the gentleman that cut them down that his neighbor (me) would like the wood from the trees.  He put the wood in front of my neighbors home so I could pick it up.  My neighbor and I were trying to load that wood in my truck but found we could only load the small pieces.  There was a lot of big pieces from the trunks of those trees that would have been impossible for he or I to lift into my truck.

Than a nice young man came by and offered to help.  Neither of us knew this young man, but he loaded all that wood, which took three loads, and stacked it in my back yard.  This young man was from Ruth, Anthony Gatty.  I just want to express my sincere thanks to him, as he would not take anything for his help.  There really are wonderful people in our community.  Thank you again Anthony.

Linda Cottrell



Marty Westland retired around 1989. In 1999 he deeded to help out the NNRy, so he came out of retirement. At that time the NNRy had very little debt and money in the bank …also many more great volunteers who put in a lot of sweat and time to get #93 up and running for the Olympics.

Mark Bassett came along in 2002. Since then Mark has fired 5 CMO’s (Chief Mechanical Officers). One of these sued and won a settlement which was paid by the City of Ely’s insurance. A sixth gentleman passed away.

I know Marty personally and you won’t find a more honest, hardworking, City Councilman. Marty cares about Ely and its citizens.

Thank you

Ron Carlgren

To the Editor:

The Ladycats basketball team and parents would like to thank NDOT, the Sheriff’s Department, Fire Department and our Highway Patrol for assisting us with our amazing parade. We couldn’t have done it without your help.

Mele Kingston

To the Editor:

Get Along and Move Foreward

Tourism can be one of the largest generators of jobs in a community. Tourist dollars are spent on hotels, souvenir shops, gas stations, restaurants, and most important on our world-renowned steam train. So, let’s get our act together and have the City and train staff, many of them volunteers, work towards an amicable solution to their disagreements. After all, don’t we all have the same goal – that of a successful operation of our trains to bring tourist dollars to our community. Continuous quarrels will get us nowhere!

On a different subject, as I have mentioned before, the City and Tour and Recreation Board should make a serious effort towards turning the Ely community into a Christmas village. We already have the basic infrastructure-historic train and depot, the village on High Street, beautiful mountain setting, etc. Every community has celebrations such as the 4th of July parade that lasts one or two days. The Christmas village would bring visitors to Ely from Thanksgiving to Christmas, the slowest time for tourism.

The first phase of this project could be as follows: decorate to the hilt (a) 11th Street from Aultman to the depot (b) the train depot (c) the train (d) the High Street Christmas Village.

So, you ask, who will pay for this?  The Tourism and Recreation Board receives all their revenue from room taxes and, therefore, some of this money should be used to further develop tourism.   They will be reimbursed by the additional room taxes.   The business community, which would benefit greatly from the additional tourism, should also contribute financially.

So there you have it – more room taxes, more visitors spending money in the Ely community, more reasons for Ely residents to be proud of their community.   Let’s get Ed Spear, Tourism and Recreation Board Manager, and his capable team members to “spearhead” this effort and within a few years Ely will be known as the Christmas Village of Nevada.   This is a doable project so let’s do it!

Prospector Hotel

Bert Woywood

To the Editor:

Great Basin Water Network salutes all those who joined us in the fight to keep Great Basin water in the Great Basin. (We hope that you will continue to do so.) The many donors of merchandise, funds, & tireless efforts made the “Giant Yard/Benefit Sale” Fundraiser a success:

•Ely Shoshone Tribe – Sponsor

•Ely Renaissance Society

•Ely Elks Lodge

•WP Chamber of Commerce

•And the many Local Businesses and individuals who participated.

You are all greatly appreciated. Pat yourselves on the back. Rick & Delaine – 235-7557