Ken Curto photoNew Elk

The incoming officers for the 2015-2016 fraternal lodge year were installed

Thursday, March 26 at the Elks Lodge.  Past Grand Esquire Larry O’Laughlin PSP, representing the Grand Exalted Ruler opened the ceremony and presided over the installation. A lasagna dinner prepared by Beverly Cornutt preceded the installation. Those installed were:  Sid Beckwith, Exalted Ruler; Andre Paez, Esteemed Leading Knight; Gayle Bartlett, Esteemed Loyal Knight; Alan Lafferty, Esteemed Lecturing Knight; Bill Thompson, Secretary;  Bunny Hill, Treasurer;  Ken Curto PSP, Five Year Trustee; Brian Stanello, Four Year Trustee; Kelly Brown PER, Three Year Trustee;  Jessica Green, Esquire; Robert Ramsey, Inner Guard;  Deanna Lerch, Tiler. Past Exalted Rulers and installing officers were John Vore PDDGER, Dan Cornutt PER, Beverly Cornutt PER, Ken Kliewer PER,  Robert Marcum PER, Ronald Taylor PER and Duane Lerch. Incoming Exalted Ruler Beckwith made brief remarks and the ceremony was concluded by PGE O’Laughlin. Pictured from left to right:  (front row) Andre Paez, Deanna Lerch, Brian Stanello, Gayle Bartlett. (back row) Alan Lafferty, Jessica Green, Bunny Hill, Bill Thompson, Robert Ramsey, Sid Beckwith.