White Pine Glass co-owners from left to right: Brandon, JoLynn and Carl Jackson. (Garrett Estrada photo)

White Pine Glass co-owners from left to right: Brandon, JoLynn and Carl Jackson.
(Garrett Estrada photo)

White Pine Glass co-owner Brandon Jackson will take on just about any project, no matter how big. Just last year his team finished work on the White Pine Aquatic Center, providing the new swimming facility with their large glass windows. According to Jackson, its the biggest project White Pine Glass has taken on in recent memory, but its far from the only one.

Jackson, alongside his parents and fellow co-owners Carl and JoLynn Jackson, likes to stay busy. His motto is that if isn’t planning a month ahead, then he’s a month behind. According to Carl Jackson, its that kind of dedication that has helped his business not only survive for over two decades, but to continue to expand.

“This community is small enough that you can’t give people bad service. They’ll remember and you’ll never last. That’s why we go out of our way to do everything we can for our customers,” Carl Jackson said.

It’s sage advice from a business owner that prefers to work full-time alongside his employees rather than sit back. It’s also a strategy that has allowed the Jackson family to grow their products and services beyond just their namesake.

“Sometimes people will still come in thinking that we only do glass but in reality, we offer a lot more than that,” Brandon Jackson said.

From garage doors to storm doors, from window shades to windshields, the Jacksons have done it all. The shop accommodates a full range of business, from walk-ins looking to replace their cracked windshield to different mining companies around rural Nevada looking for equipment glass.

“We do anything from garage doors, shower doors, pantry doors, store fronts, we’ve done the fire station and the armory, we’ve done a lot of commercial stuff and of course we do lots of windows,” Carl Jackson said.

And the the team at White Pine Glass said they are in the final stages of waiting for the state to license them for yet another service.

“We are actually in the midst of getting another license to start installing framing and siding,” Jackson continued.

The owners are excited about the new service because they’ve been selling framing and siding for years, often times eving instructing buyers on how to install it.

“Now we will be able to just knock it all out ourselves,” the owner stated.

Like most long standing businesses in the community, Carl Jackson said that White Pine Glass is built to be a family company.

“Brandon started working here when he was a sophomore in high school,” Jackson said.

“It has its times,” Brandon joked in response.

But the family bond between the owners has allowed them to form a camaraderie not always found in smaller businesses. The result is a five-person team that isn’t afraid to take on any challenge.

“I’ve been doing this for a long time but I still learn something new everyday,” Carl Jackson said.

For more information on White Pine Glass, call 775-289-4363.