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The staff of Steptoe Valley High School is proud to announce that the student of the month for March is Wyett Peevy. Peevy is the son of Cari Gregersen and Tim Peevy and is a freshman at SVHS. During his time at SVHS, Peevy has been a star student.  He is a hard worker and is always on task. He shows determination and possesses all the skills needed to achieve academic excellence. He has completed all of his freshman classes, and is now working on his sophomore classes. Peevy is also a very polite and respectful student.  All of the staff enjoys his presence at our school. We all hope to see him next year. After High School, Wyett plans on going to college, but hasn’t quite made up his mind on what he would like to major in. The entire staff of SVHS has enjoyed working with Peevy this year, and we are all very proud of him. Steptoe Student