Senior golfer Chris Young attempts a putt at White Pine Golf Course. (Jennifer Young)

Senior golfer Chris Young attempts a putt at White Pine Golf Course. (Jennifer Young)

Home sweet yuck. In the White Pine High School golf team’s only home meet of the season, they had to battle more than just their rival high schools.

They had to battle mother nature herself.

The Bobcats had to shoot, slice and putt their way through gusting winds and chilly temperatures on their home course on April 16, earning a second place finish. Last year’s state golf champion Chris Young finished in first place after he shot a 77. But even the team’s most consistent golfer had to make a comeback late in the meet and even resort to a little trickery to take down Battle Mountain’s best golfer.

“He was down going into the last two holes,” Head Golf Coach Randy Long said. “I have to give him credit, he pulled out an old golf move and beat his opponent to the tee for the 17th hole. When the Battle Mountain player who was winning at the time caught up to him, he saw Chris holding a five-iron, so he pulled out the same club and only hit the ball about halfway down the fairway on a par three,” Long said.

Young then proceeded to put his club back in his bag and pull out something more appropriate, landing him on the green and earning him a birdie one shot later. The Battle Mountain player ended the hole with a bogey.

“Ben Hogan used to do that move all the time,” Long added, saying that while the move maybe wasn’t the most sporting thing to do, it is legal and he was happy to see it work for Young.

“That’s using your head,” Long said.

The rest of the White Pine team shot slightly above there season averages, but the coach chalked that up to the harsh play conditions and said that his team will be ready for their 10 a.m. tee time at Wells on Thursday.