Untamed Optionz staff pictured from left to right: LaRinda Archambault, Tanaca Stokes and Breeann Christensen. (Garrett Estrada photo)

Untamed Optionz staff pictured from left to right: LaRinda Archambault, Tanaca Stokes and Breeann Christensen. (Garrett Estrada photo)

It’s not hard to spot Breeann Christensen, just look for the bright pink hair. The Lund-born Assistant Manager of Untamed Optionz said that pink has always been her favorite color, so why not have the hair color to match?

“It’s my style,” Christensen said proudly of her distinct look. “I see it as an expression of my personality.”

Color is big at Untamed Optionz Day Spa and Full Service Salon and that goes double for expression.

“The crazy colors are always trending and nails are huge too,” Christensen said.

She prides herself on keeping up to date with the latest fashions. Upon returning from different shows that cover the latest trends in hair and nails, Christensen said that she tries to bring as much of that color and creativity back to Ely.

“I go to lots of hair shows. I’m always trying to see what the latest thing is in nails. I think our customers really enjoy having someone who can help them stay up to date on what is out there,” the assistant manager said.

That can range from intricate designs to something more recognizable, such as the Monster Energy Drink logo for ladies heading out to the motocross.

“We get a lot of themed requests or nail designs for holidays. Halloween is a big one.”

But Optionz lives up to its name by offering more than just the newest nail and hair styles. According to Christensen, the salon offers a full range of standard rinses, shampoos, cuts and styles. And not just for the girls either.

“Guys see the word salon and think its just for women but we also do men’s cuts and styles just like they would find at a barbershop,” she continued.

But for all the “Untamed” choices, there are a few more in the back of the store that Christensen thinks people sometimes forget about.

“Behind the door in the back is a full-time spa. When you step through that door, it’s a totally separate atmosphere.”

Whereas the salon has music and shelves full of different color nail polishes, the spa in the back is set up to encourage relaxation and comfort. The walls are painted earth-tones and the music from the front dissipates into silence beyond the door.

Untamed Optionz also has two massage therapists on staff to offer a variety of spa treatments including the popular sauna room and reflexology.

“I think people sometimes look through the window and they don’t see or don’t realize that we have all of this available in the back half of the building,” Christensen said.

The salon has also made a name for itself in recent years for their involvement in the community. Every year the staff of Untamed Optionz participates in the Relay for Life fundraiser for cancer research and this year was the first time they hosted their own fundraiser with Donkey Basketball (see page 1A).

For more information on Untamed Optionz or to make an appointment, call 775-289-4325.