All Aboard’s new owners Becky and Ralph Werber stand in the bed and breakfast’s dining room.  (Garrett Estrada Photo)

All Aboard’s new owners Becky and Ralph Werber stand in the bed and breakfast’s dining room.
(Garrett Estrada Photo)

When the All Aboard Bed and Breakfast reopens its doors on May 21, it will be the culmination of a dream more than 20 years in the making for its new owners Becky and Ralph Werber.

“When we got married, we went on our honeymoon and we went to a bed and breakfast and we thought ‘this would be really cool to run one of these someday. Now close to 23 years later, we found a bed and breakfast to run,” Becky Werber said.

The bed and breakfast that the Werbers stayed in over two decades ago was on the other side of the country, but Becky Werber said that the All Aboard still takes her back to that memory.

“It has a cozy feel to it that you don’t get from staying at a hotel,” she said.

“I think of it like going home,” her husband Ralph Werber added.

The two said that they want to create a comfortable, relaxing experience for those that rent a room or just enjoy a meal in the dining room. As for any new business owner though, creating that type of atmosphere doesn’t just happen, it takes a lot of hard work.

And the Werbers are excited to be close to seeing all that work come to fruitition.

According to the Werbers, guests at the Aboard can sleep soundly knowing that their bed will be clean.

“I’ve worked in hospital kitchens for years and years and they have very high standards of how clean things needs to be. I’ve applied that same mentality for All Aboard and have probably gone overboard making sure the place is spotless,” Werber said.

But no matter how cozy or clean a bed and breakfast is, the Werbers know that its the quality of the food that can be the make or break point for most guests, and the couple is excited to bring an east-coast inspired menu to offer choices that can’t be found elsewhere in town.

“We are from the east coast so in addition to American food we want to do seafood since there isn’t a lot of it in town. People are going to want to try my lobster rolls,” Werber said.

“Eventually I’d like to wine tasting about once a month as well.”

In addition to the food, Ralph Weber said he also loves the location and being so close to an iconic piece of rural Nevada history.

“We’re from Maine originally and I’ve been dreaming of the west since I was a kid. My father got me into trains when I was young and I used to go look at trains a lot so I think it is really cool that we are so close to something with as much history as the railroad,” Ralph said.

The All Aboard Bed and Breakfast‘s kitchen will be open Thursday through Sunday for breakfast, lunch and dinner for non-guests and seven days a week for guests staying in a room. For more information about room prices or to make a reservation, contact the Werbers at 775-289-3959.