The White Pine Bobcat baseball team knew they controlled their own destiny when it came to playing in the post-season when they stepped up to the plate against Lincoln on Friday. If they could win one out of the two games in the double-header, they would advance.

According to head coach Quinn Ewell, the pressure of the moment might have been too much for his team.

“I think we collapsed under pressure. Our bats just weren’t there and it felt like we went back to day one,” Ewell said of the Bobcats’ 19-0 and 11-1 losses to Lincoln.

The coach said that he didn’t have another explanation for why his team couldn’t seem to compete with the “well-rounded” attack of the Lynx hitters and pitchers.

The “disappointing” losses though can’t mar what was otherwise a turn-around season for the Bobcat baseball program, according to the coach.

“Compared to  last year’s team, it was a huge improvement to even be in that situation to play for a post-season spot in our final series of the season,” the coach said.

Ewell also pointed out that his team faced one of the more difficult schedules in the conference, facing all the top teams and missing opportunities for perceived easier victories against the teams at the bottom of the rankings. According to the coach, that’s the way it should be when a program is trying to rebuild.

“I was glad we played a tough schedule. We learned more and we earned some tough victories. I think we were one of the top four teams but due to the way the schedule was set up, we didn’t get to advance,” he said.

The Bobcats will lose four seniors in the offseason, including their star pitcher Kade Britton.