In the past two years, The City of Ely has made improvements to Animal Control by leaps and bounds.

All the Cities/Towns around the state are no kill facilities, they spay/neuter and vaccinate all animals before adoption. The City of Ely is very close to joining those ranks.

We now have a Grant in place to help pay for spay/neuter and our adoption fees will be raised accordingly so that every animal will be spay/neutered, vaccinated and licensed befoere going to a new home. Governmental changes moves slow and these new policies are within our grasp.

We also have an Animal Control Officer who takes great care in making sure the right animal goes to the perfect family and we also use foster homes for some animals until a forever home is found. The City has a website to assist in adoption, plus The Ely Times has donated The Pound Puppy spotlight. We rely on volunteers to help with adoptions as Ely  is so remote as we do not have the luxuries of the large animal shelters and pet rescue organization for help.

Brenda Alexander wrote a lengthy letter to me displeasure with the way of City handles Animal Control. In response to her letter, I gave her a phone call. The non-stop complaining gave way to me hanging up on her and that was unprofessional on my part. But Ms. Alexander will never be happy with anything we do. The City will continue to make improvements and give a second change to unwanted animals.

Thank you.

Mayor Van Camp


While on a fishing trip we discovered Ely and fell in love with the town. Immediately decided we wanted to retire here. While working on our home, investment properties, and corrals only local contractors and businesses have been used.

Attending the City, County, and other meetings affecting our citizens, has helped me to understand the concerns of the community.

I believe our youth is our tomorrow. Support for them is very important to me. I have attended White Pine school athletic events and previously I coached high school sports and little league.

We try to visit the Senior Center every Friday. I enjoy talking to the seniors because they are a wealth of knowledge. You learn so much about our past here in Ely from our residents; how they feel about what is happening presently, and how it could affect our future.

The City of Ely has a lot to offer tourists; hunting, fishing, camping in our picturesque mountains and lakes or looking for a gannet at Garnet Hill.They can shop in some of our one of a kind local stores, enjoy a relaxing tour of our museums, Renaissance Village,or Art Bank. I believe in the railroad and the tourism it brings into the area. We have a lot to offer to those who are within a day’s drive.

I am my own person and I have not accepted campaign contributions. I will only make a decision using facts, figures, and concerns expressed by my consituents.

The City of Ely is important to me and I am asking you to trust me with your vote.

Mike O’Brien


This letter might be a mix between a public interest article for Ely and a plea for help.

My husband’s family is from Ely, mine is not but in our early married life, I was introduced to Ely. We ended up in the military and spent 22 years traveling only to come back to where we had begun, Ely.

When we moved back again, things were grand and glorious. We got involved in a church and so on. Then it happened. I got sick for the first time and everything changed. Even though we had financial help from being retired military and my husband has always worked along with everything else, our word fell apart. Medically we had to leave the place we loved and have made the best of where we went and have been for the last 15 years. But we still struggle financially with medical bills.

My dream has been, for a long time, to live in a log cabin or house. So I was wondering if anyone out there in Ely has one for rent or would be willing to rent to own. Not as charity as we have always been hardworkers but realizing that some things have to be figured out as far as my chemo treatment and the side affects that I have had so far. It’s been a tough go for all of us.

As we all know, we don’t know what the future holds but for my family’s sake and myself I want to be able to experience Ely again and all that it has to offer with my family…. before it’s too late…

Makayla Burgess


(805) 863-7440


Dearest Friends and Family,

We want to express our deepest appreciation and gratitude to all for the kindness and love you have shown to Rhonda and our family.  We truly appreciate the time and effort everyone put toward hosting the Bingo, Benefit Spaghetti Dinner, Raffle, and Auction.

To all of you who donated, bid, purchased tickets, and attended, we are forever thankful for your generosity.  For all who have kept us in your thoughts and prayers, we are ever so grateful.

We have always known that we are blessed to live in such a great community and to have such wonderful friends and family.


Rhonda Garaventa and Family