Wade Robison stands outside of his office on Ave F were he runs three different businesses. (Garrett Estrada photo)

Wade Robison stands outside of his office on Ave F were he runs three different businesses.
(Garrett Estrada photo)

Wade Robison said that when his cell phone rings, he never knows what he’ll get when he picks up. It could be a potential customer for his home inspection company. Then again it might be a call for his bail bonds business. Though it could be someone looking to take advantage of his new drug testing business, or fingerprinting services. Or finally, it could just be a telemarketer.

After spending 25 years as a general contractor, Robison said he enjoys the variety of his post-construction life. He owns and operates three-seperate businesses all out of one office on Ave F and is currently expanding his offerings even more. It might sound like a lot of work, and that’s because it is, but to Robison, it’s a refreshing change of pace from his contracting days.

“There will be days where I’ll do a home inspection in the morning, drug testing in the afternoon and bailing someone out of jail in the evening. It keeps things hopping,” the business owner said.

Robison’s first venture in becoming a small business owner started five years ago when he opened Ely Bail Bonds as a side operation to his daily contracting work life. When he retired a year ago, he saw a way to turn the tables on his knowledge of housing and opened 20/20 Home Inspection. This year, upon seeing a need in the community for a local drug testing facility, he branched out again and opened Ely Drug testing.

According to Robison, none of his businesses could support him on their own, but combined he can stay afloat.

That is assuming he can keep changing hats when the need arises.

“You really have to think about what you are doing,” Robison said of the difficulties of juggling three separate businesses. “But I think that is partly why I do it. I enjoy it and I just have that drive and desire to run all of these things.”

That drive has recently led him to his his latest venture, fingerprinting. According to Robison, he again saw a need for the service as many jobs require their employees to be fingerprinted.

“The only previous option for people was to get their fingerprints taken at a very specific time at the police station. I’ve already heard so many people say thank you for offering another way to get fingerprinted because they would have to sometimes wait hours in line.”

Then recently Robison said a friend offered him a new business opportunity in town and he finally realized that his plate was full.

“I told him I can’t take on any more, I’m done with new businesses. I offered to become partners in it with my daughter but I told her she would have to take the reigns because I can’t add any more.”

As most small business owners can attest, running your own business often requires more work than the owner originally thought. With his three operations all going simultaneously, Robison said he has seen first hand how difficult it can be to survive amid ever increasing government interference and taxes, but he would take being his own boss anyday over going back to construction.

“It’s hard and at times it’s slow. These types of businesses can be totally unpredictable at times. But somehow just knowing that when I have my phone on me I’m in business is a good feeling.”

For more information on Robison’s bail bonds, cal 775-289-2245. For Home inspection services, call 775-289-0298 and to set up a drug test call 775-318-0118.