The much discussed Senate Bill to offer voters a ballot question to disincorporate the City of Ely and merge its government with White Pine County has gained some traction in the Nevada State Legislature, but still faces several more hurdles before potentially being on the 2017 general election ballot.

Originally brought forth by Nevada State Senator Pete Goicoechea, the bill known as Senate Bill 238 (SB238) passed the State Senate 21-0 and an amended version passed the State Assembly 8-6. Due to an amendment being made by Goicoechea between the votes, which changed the language to limit those that can vote on the ballot question to City of Ely residents only, the senate and the assembly will each have to agree on one final version of the bill to be voted on once again through each body. If passed, the bill would then go to the governor’s office.

The compromise will come from a committee formed of three senators and three members of the assembly.