Dave BerkeyDave Berky has been bowling since he was 11 or 12; he can’t quite remember. He does remember filling in for his dad on his father’s league bowling team from time to time. He remembers meeting Bill Noah, the owner of the local Sunset Lanes and working part-time for him to be around his favorite hobby more. What Berky didn’t realize as he drove down to El Paso, Texas with his girlfriend to compete in the USBC Open Championship was that all those years and all those memories of bowling were about to lead to a day he will never forget.

“On the way down to the tournament, I had set a goal for myself to try and break into the top 100 players,” Berky said.

A day and a half later he was being interviewed by www.bowl.com after he bowled three of the best games of his life, leading to a total score of 642, good enough for first place out of the thousand plus participants.

“People kept coming up to me and congratulating me and it was cool for the first bit but I’m not a guy that wants a lot of attention,” the local city road department employee said.

Not that he will have much of a choice in the matter when he returns to play in his Wednesday Wackos league team at Sunset Lanes.

“All of my buddies were either congratulating me, or in the case of my doubles partner, gives me the blues because I didn’t bowl very well with him,” Berky said with a chuckle.

The national tournament will still continue on for the next month gathering scores from players who travel to the Texas lanes from around the world, but currently Berky’s score still sits atop the singles division.

“If my score lasts, I stand to make somewhere between $800 to $1,000, which basically paid for the trip so I’d be a happy camper.”