By The White Pine County School District

The administrative team of the White Pine County School District is pleased to nominate Holly Marich for the Ely Lions Club Teacher of the Month.

Marich has been a teacher in the White Pine County School District since August of 2001. A 1990 graduate of White Pine High School Marich completed her undergraduate degree in elementary education at UNLV. After taking time out to start a family, Marich began her teaching career as a fourth grade teacher at McGill Elementary.

During her undergraduate degree program Marich discovered a passion for teaching reading and writing. She immediately began to have an impact on both the students and staff at McGill elementary bringing a new level of enthusiasm and new ideas. At the time of her employment with the district the state provided new teachers with a $2,000 signing bonus. Holly used much, if not all of her bonus, to purchase new furniture for her classroom so she could better implement her vision of instruction.

Her example had an almost immediate impact on other staff members who also began the conversion of their classroom furniture from the traditional student desk to a table format. This format allowed students to more easily engage in collaborative projects.

As a classroom teacher Marich continually sought ways to engage her students in projects beyond the basic curriculum. One such example is her work with the Lincoln Highway Association where her class participated in research projects and assisted in the installation of Lincoln Highway markers in the McGill community.  She was recognized by the Lincoln Highway Association as their “2005 Educator of the Year” during their national convention held at the Bristlecone Convention Center.

In 2008 after seven highly successful years at McGill Elementary Holly accepted a position with the Northeastern Nevada Regional Professional Development Program. As a Regional Coordinator Holly works with educators in Elko, Lander, Humboldt, Pershing, Eureka and White Pine Counties.  In addition to her work in the instruction of English Language Arts she has become a regional leader in assisting teachers blend technology into their regular classroom instruction.

One of her goals is to provide teachers with the skills necessary to provide students with authentic real world experiences enabling students to gain both a voice and choice in what and how they learn. Marich continually goes the extra mile to provide assistance to teachers in the six county region. During the 2013-2014 school year Holly lead a team of six English Language Arts Teachers at WPHS and WPMS in transitioning from a traditional classroom to a “blended classroom” making technology a major component of instruction.  This initiative has resulted in tremendous growth in the schools not only in the ELA department but throughout the college prep classes.

Marich is currently pursuing her PHD at Michigan State University. In addition to her studies regarding education and technology she has become an avid Spartan fan.

Holly exemplifies everything you want to have in an educator: a never ending work ethic, a passion to make the world a better place, a desire to see all students succeed (including adult learners) and a commitment to being a lifelong learner. While Holly is, without a doubt, one of the best of educators anywhere she continues to seek out information that will improve her skills as both a teacher and as a learner. Her dedication is without measure.  The school district thanks her for all she does for teachers and students in and beyond the WPCSD. Her sphere of influence is impossible to measure.

The school district are also thankful of the support given to Holly by her family for without their love and support she would not be able to accomplish all that she does.

Holly Marich receives the honor of being the Ely Lion’s Club Teacher of the Month.  (Courtesy photo)

Holly Marich receives the honor of being the Ely Lion’s Club Teacher of the Month.
(Courtesy photo)