The senate bill that will put an “advisory question” on the 2017 general election ballot asking voters if they would like to combine the governmental units of the City of Ely and White Pine County into one and dissolve the city making it into a town, passed 23 to 18 in the Nevada assembly on May 20. The Bill, known as Senate Bill 238 (SB238) has been read three times in front of both the assembly and state senate as well as once in front of the Committee on Government Affairs and on Tuesday made it through the Nevada Legislature on its way to Governor Brian Sandoval’s office.

The bill has seen a sharp divide in local opinion, drawing ire from the city’s officials while gaining support among several county commissioners. Those that would like to contact Sandoval’s office and voice either their support or disapproval of SB238 can do so by calling 775-684-5670 or going to the website