LAS VEGAS — After a successful first year, Leadership Academy of Nevada (“LANV”) is expanding and has added a limited number of seats for the 2015-16 school year. LANV focuses on developing principled leaders through delivery of a Liberal- Arts education via cutting-edge technology. This classical education is available to all students in grades 6-12 throughout the state of Nevada. Regularly-scheduled Enrollment Information Meetings are held online and in Las Vegas so that parents and students can learn more about this high-quality educational option. A list of Enrollment Information Meeting dates, times, and places can be found on their website at

What Makes LANV Different?

LANV focuses on three distinct elements, which, when combined, provide an exceptional education found nowhere else in Nevada. First, they teach the Liberal Arts, a study of classics and original-source documents that are necessary to become and stay free. This study is provided by mentors who use the Socratic dialogue to engage students to think deeply and independently. Second, they emphasize developing leadership skills which include making and keeping commitments and managing one’s time and energy. Third, they deliver this high-quality education through cutting-edge technology which allows the

students and mentors to collaborate in real-time interactive online classrooms. Page 1

About Leadership Academy of Nevada

LANV is an online/virtual public charter school with a mission to provide highly motivated and self-directed students with a classical education so they can become principled leaders. Founded in 2013 by a group of Nevada educators, professionals, and parents, LANV’s curriculum combines rigorous liberal arts courses, abundant training in technology, and a persistent emphasis on leadership. For more information on Leadership Academy of Nevada, visit their website at