In this age of terrorism, no one seriously argues against the dismantling of the TSA –the Transportation Security Administration.

But after the latest test that found that TSA failed in its primary job of preventing bombs on airplanes, it would be a mistake to slough off this performance as government as usual.

The Homeland Security Department’s inspector general documented that the TSA leaks worse than the proverbial sieve.

It conducted a series of sting operations in which its agents passed through security with prohibited items.

In almost every case — 67 of 70 — agents were able to pass through TSA security undetected. In one case, an agent was able to walk through security with a fake bomb taped to his back. The “bomb” set off a magnetometer, which is a good thing, but the TSA worker charged with patting down the agent missed the bomb.

Let that sink in: During a pat-down … TSA … missed … a  bomb … strapped to the middle of his back.

At the risk of sounding too jocular, one wonders whether TSA would have found the “package” if it were strapped to the agent’s groin.

Look, if the TSA is going to be part of our lives from now on — and that’s the way it looks — it simply cannot be allowed to become a mind-numbing bureaucracy that fails in its primary mission. We need to get it fixed. That rests with the president primarily and with both parties in Congress.

Fix it. Now. — SF