The tie for Ely City Council seat four has been broken and nobody had to draw a card. Jolene Gardner won by two votes after a recount was held on the morning of June 12 inside the armory. Gardner, who was sitting among a small group of supporters including other recently elected city councilwoman Pat Robison, erupted in a celebration when the final vote count was announced in the meeting room.

“The people of Ely have made their choice,” Gardner said shortly after receiving hugs from those around her.

Gardner had requested a recount be done of the 896 votes cast in the city’s general election on June 10, one day before the Nevada Revised Statue deadline of 72 hours after the votes are officially canvassed.  The final vote total after the recount concluded was 449 for Gardner to 447 for her opponent Mike O’Brien. The new total represented a one vote difference from the original 448 tie.

Had the votes remained tied after the recount, the tie would have been broken by drawing a “high card,” a game that Gardner was happy to avoid.

“I’m really glad I asked for this recount. I really didn’t want to have to draw a card,” she said.