To the Editor:

It was refreshing to see some new faces on Sunday during the latest community clean up. Although the turnout was only about 15 or 20 people, we did get a load (at least 35 bags or so) of trash picked up and delivered to the landfill. I was somewhat disappointed to see that while there were two former councilmen present, not one of the newly elected council persons (Jolene Gardner, Kurt Carson, or Pat Robison) showd up to help. I encourage all of our local citizens to participate in these worthwhile community efforts.

On another positive note, our governor demonstrated the good sense to veto the disincorporation bill that was being forced on our city. He stated that he felt SB 238 was an attempt to circumvent an existing statute. Thank you Governor Sandoval. I hope the citizens of Ely remember in the future that County Commissioners Carson, Perea, and Howe supported the bill that could potentially have taken our city from us. I am still wondering why Pete Goicoechia was trying so hard to push the bill through, and I suspect that, once more, special interests were in play.

Randy Lee


To the Editor:

This letter is in response to an article title “General Improvement District Needs Representation in Ruth” by GWop Senior View which needs to be represented as an Opinion article – Not Facts as there were very few facts in said article.

McGill-Ruth Sewer & Water GID consists of 5 board members, not 4. Of the 5, one is elected by the majority of the board to be “chair person”. That person’s vote only counts when the vote goes to a tie of 2 vs 2.

The Board is an “elected” on the county ballot position. You must go to the courthouse and file through proper procedures to do so.

The board has a quorum – 3 board persons must be in attendance to be able to vote. Original intent of McGill-Ruth Sewer & Water GID was 2 positions from Ruth, 2 positions from McGill and the 5th position did not matter. You cannot force people from Ruth to run for these positions; you cannot make them come to meetings. On the other hand, McGill-Ruth Sewer & Water GID has a public responsibility as a public utility to run its business. Therefore, all board positions are currently being held by McGill residents. If Ruth is so concerned about their water and the bill, then may I suggest they get off the Facebook page, off the couches, and participate in the process instead of complaining to entities that have no idea what is going on at the water company.

Robinson Mine does not provide 1 drop of water to Ruth. And that is a fact. McGill-Ruth Sewer & Water GID has the bills (paid in full) to prove that. We are currently purchasing water from the City of Ely and paying for it to be pumped up to Ruth for them to have water.

The two wells you, Geri, mention in your article are City of Ely wells given to them by Robinson Mine.

The only fact you got right was yes – Ruth residents (property owners) pay $68.00 basic rate just like McGill residents do.

And considering that a new well has to be placed in or near Ruth per State requirements, which is in process of clearing all hoops, drilling will begin soon. And a new tank is also required for Ruth – all costing approximately $2 million. Everyone should be glad $68.00 is all you’re paying so far.

So Ruth residents, there are two (2) board seats coming up for election in 2016. Put your money and voices where they should be. Go file at the courthouse and come join the process. Become informed as bill paying, tax paying, voting citizens of White Pine County.

Ms. Wopschall, it is OK to have an opinion. I totally welcome opinions and ideas. But, at least be informed and check facts and figures before you open your chosen subject of the day.

Oh and by the way, the next McGill-Ruth Sewer & Water GID board meeting is in Ruth on July 20, 2015 at 2:30 p.m. in the Community Center.

Joni K. Drahos

McGill Resident

McGill-Ruth Sewer & Water GID – Seat C