To the Editor:

Why did Governor Sandoval veto the Ely disincorporation bill? Why would he care? It had passed the Nevada Senate unanimously – and the House almost unanimously. Why would Governor Sandoval deny Ely the direct democracy of an election – on a technicality? That’s right; both the SB238 and NRS 265.110 would have ultimately relied on a vote of the people of Ely. So, why bother? Nothing I found in the statute stated that it was the only way disincorporation could be done. It’s as if something behind the scenes made up Sandoval’s mind – and that the veto excuse (based upon the interpretation of NRS statutes) was a cover story.

There are a number of possible hidden reasons Sandoval may have had to derail this initiative. But I suspect the most likely reason he did it was because he wanted to. So, why would he want to? I’m only speculating. But maybe it had something to do with (R) State Senator Pete Goicoechea (who supported the disincorporation bill). So, let’s consider what Pete Goicoechea has in common with White Pine County that Pete and WPC don’t have in common with Ely. It has to be a local issue. And it likely has something to do with money – because that’s what the disincorporation effort was all about.

I highly suspect it is the Watergrab. White Pine County has financially supported the legal fight against the SNWA watergrab of Rural Nevada water. Senator Pete Goicoechea is against the Watergrab. But Ely has not financially supported the fight against the watergrab.  Could it be that Governor Sandoval wanted to stop the disincorporation to keep our local government poor – to keep WPC from having enough money to fight the Watergrab?

…Let’s consider Gov Sandoval’s hand-picked Nevada Drought Forum; which apparently was hand picked to NOT have any representation from ANYONE from the Watergrab effected areas. He kept us away from the bargaining table. Face it; this is how politicians do back-room deals in a way that makes it look like a consensus.

But don’t just believe me. In the 2015 Drought Forum Report chapter “Working within Institutional Frameworks to Manage Drought,” the hidden reason for the Forum is plainly stated: “Some Drought Forum attendees expressed the belief that states need to increase flexibility in water transfers to better address drought conditions… Others expressed a desire for states to make permanent transfers of water easier.”

Now wait a minute! We didn’t vote for the gutting of Nevada Water Law. But the blatantly obvious (confidential) leader of the Nevada Drought Forum, John Entsminger (head of SNWA), would obviously want permanent transfers of water easier – and he would also want to hinder White Pine County’s efforts to stop the Watergrab. Hmm…

Evidently, Governor Sandoval is treating everyone in White Pine County like the enemy – like subjugates to be oppressed and exploited. Sorry, you don’t get to vote on this.

Rick Spilsbury

To the Editor:

My name is Marcia Brown. I am 9-years old. I live in Diamond Valley with my dad, mom and sister. I am a 4-H member and I am in the sheep program.

I have raised a wether lamb named Freckles. He is growing a lot and I feed him grain since he could eat. I think he will be over the weight range, because he is gaining a pound a day. we are having our sale on August 8, 2015 at the Eureka Fair. I hope you come and think about buying Freckles.

Thank you

Marcia Brown